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SalesPortal Will be Featured at the ICMI ACCE Conference and Expo

Posted by admin April 25th, 2012

From May 7th-10th, SalesPortal will be exhibiting at the ICMI ACCE Conference and Expo in Seattle, Washington. Produced by ICMI, the Annual Call Center Exhibition (ACCE) is the premier global gathering for the contact center industry. SalesPortal’s exhibit will be in booth 519.

Our CEO, Saurabh Khetrapal, says “We are very excited to be exhibiting at ICMI ACCE. Enterprise contact centers make customer experience and customer engagement their top priorities. Our technology seamlessly enables this, while generating significant revenues and profits. Our cross-pitching platform is ground-breaking and enterprises have never really seen anything quite like it. So, we are excited about this unique opportunity to listen to enterprises and also to ideate together on how we can enhance their customer engagement and profits.” Read the rest of this entry »

A Customer Acquisition Program Designed with the Advertiser in Mind

Posted by admin April 10th, 2012

It’s fairly common business knowledge that it costs a lot of money to find, target and entice new customers. When you think of how many marketing pitches your audience is bombarded with day in and day out, it makes sense that the average consumer has learned to tune out many of those of messages, making it that much harder to capture their attention. So what is a brand to do?

Many companies invest in various lead qualification programs, where a 3rd party is responsible for finding and cultivating targeted leads, and then passing off interested customers to the advertiser’s sales representatives. However, these traditional lead aggregation and lead generation channels can become expensive quickly, with mixed ROI results. With these programs, there is often a fixed (and usually high) price on each lead generated; and because the lead originator (i.e. the publisher or the aggregator) is the one responsible for the advertising costs, the price is determined by the lead originator. In order for their business to be successful, the lead originator marks up their own lead procurement costs and sells each lead to the advertiser at a non-negotiable price point. Arguably, these leads should be well worth the price, since the originator has taken the time to qualify each customer before handing them off to the advertiser; but the ROI on these leads is often found to be lackluster due to either the high price of the leads or the poor quality or oftentimes both. Read the rest of this entry »

SalesPortal Will be Appearing at SOCAP’s 2012 Symposium

Posted by admin April 10th, 2012

From April 22-25, SalesPortal will be exhibiting at and attending the SOCAP Symposium at the Renaissance Harborplace in Baltimore, Maryland. This year’s Symposium will offer three days of networking and idea-sharing on critical business issues facing the customer care profession including industry communities like Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Retail, Travel & Hospitality, and Healthcare.  Attendees will be able to connect with SalesPortal at booth # 104. Read the rest of this entry »

A Positive Customer Experience Can Increase Your Revenue

Posted by admin April 5th, 2012

When a customer phones in to your contact center, the entire customer experience boils down one yes or no question—did you solve their issue? If the reason for the customer call isn’t resolved quickly and completely, then everything else your representative does to improve the customer experience is pointless. However, if your representative does resolve your customer’s issue or concern, then the positive customer experience can be amplified by a variety of factors including: how quickly the issue was resolved, if the caller was transferred to multiple agents, if the caller had to repeat their information, and so forth. A great call center customer interaction entails addressing and resolving the customer’s issue quickly and completely – because a happy customer is incredibly valuable to your company. Read the rest of this entry »

AMR International Lead Generation Report Features SalesPortal

Posted by admin April 4th, 2012

SalesPortal has been included in a new AMR International research paper, entitled “Opportunities in Lead generation: What Every Publisher and Investor Should Know.” The company’s unique lead generation portal is listed as an example of innovative lead generation technology.

AMR states industry growth will be led by a new generation of business models, or pioneers, much like SalesPortal, that will “blend superior execution, content, brand and digital technology to offer attractive returns for media companies and investors alike.”

Highlights of AMR International’s new paper include: Read the rest of this entry »

Why is Great Customer Service so Important for Customer Acquisition and Retention?

Posted by admin April 3rd, 2012

The relationship between a company and its customers has always been important, but it seems like delivering top-notch customer experience is getting more critical in today’s market. Interactions between brands and their consumers are becoming increasingly more customer-driven thanks to the power of social media, and companies are no longer the only ones influencing their brand perception. What your customers say about you and your products is just as important (arguably even more important) than what you say about yourself. Technology has enabled today’s customers to have tremendous clout. Through the power and virality of Facebook, Twitter and online review sites, customers can influence a company’s brand value in a positive or a negative direction. And what your customers have to say about your brand is directly related to the experience they have when interacting with your company. Much of that interaction will stem from your company’s contact center. Read the rest of this entry »

SalesPortal in Direct Connect Quarterly

Posted by admin April 2nd, 2012

Rick Petry, a direct marketing industry leader and past chairman of the Electronic Retailing Association, recently wrote an article for Direct Connect about SalesPortal’s revolutionary revenue enhancement program, cross-pitching™. SalesPortal’s patented technology generates significant incremental income that helps offset the costs of companies’ marketing campaigns as well as contact center operations.

With cross-pitchingTM, enterprise contact centers – in-house or outsourced – partner with advertisers that have their own relevant products. At the end of sales and customer service calls, agents at contact centers offer customers the opportunity to hear a second complementary product offer from one of these advertisers, and interested customers are immediately transferred to the most relevant advertiser. Read the rest of this entry »