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How to Turn a Live Phone Lead into a Satisfied Customer

Posted by admin June 15th, 2012

Many marketers are so focused on growing their lead sources, including live voice leads, that they sometimes don’t place enough emphasis on the next (and most crucial) step – turning a lead into an actual sale, while delivering maximum customer satisfaction and maintaining the highest conversion rates. A customer who reaches you via an inbound call is arguably more “ready” to buy than a website visitor or a prospect reached by an outbound cold call.  However, there are still strategies a company can implement to maximize conversion rates, average order value, and customer engagement.

Here are three best practices companies may consider once they receive a live phone lead: Read the rest of this entry »

Partnership Marketing in Contact Centers

Posted by admin June 7th, 2012

Partnership marketing is a powerful tool for companies. The collaboration between two or more companies with similar marketing needs, a common audience, or complementary products is called a partnership. This can be used by both sides to increase customer awareness, sales, or simply create extra revenue.

Partnership Marketing Today

In the context of contact centers, partnership marketing is a way for a company to improve its customer experience, share leads, and grow its business with the help of its partner company and its contact center. Currently, creating a contact center marketing partnership involves two companies who are mutually exclusive to each other (a one-to-one partnership) exchanging leads for a set price. Leads flow one way, from the lead selling company to the lead buying company. This can provide a couple of key benefits for both sides of the partnership. Read the rest of this entry »

How Much Does Your Phone Traffic Cost You? What If You Could Turn That Cost Into Revenue?

Posted by admin June 5th, 2012

An enterprise contact center could easily handle millions of customer service and sales calls in any given year – either in-house or at their outsourced BPO provider. Assuming that the average handling cost per call is around $4, an enterprise could easily spend tens of millions of dollars each year on their in-house and/or outsourced contact center. But what if you could turn your contact center into an efficient revenue center and make every touch point with your customer an opportunity to generate revenue? Read the rest of this entry »