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SalesPortal Partnership Marketing Network– Like Google AdSense for Phone Leads

Posted by admin August 28th, 2012

SalesPortal looked at online affiliate networks and ad networks like Google AdSense and saw an opportunity to leverage the same lead generation model but for customer phone calls.    We thought to ourselves, why can’t we do the same for phone traffic?    Where web publishers monetize their organic web traffic by publishing relevant ads from advertisers, sales and service contact centers can monetize their call traffic by presenting relevant product offers to callers and transferring opt-in, interested callers to affiliate partners.    Where the website owner gets paid for a click through, the contact center gets paid for a customer transfer.  And where the advertiser has a steady stream of targeted traffic coming over to their website, the contact center partner receives a steady stream of calls and pays for the call transfer as a lead. Read the rest of this entry »

Highest lead-to-sales Conversion Rates from an Unexpected Source – Your Contact Center

Posted by admin August 23rd, 2012

Lead generation is an integral part of any business. But while generating more leads is good, generating the right leads is better. What if there was a better way to cultivate new sources of targeted leads that required little extra effort on the part of your organization? What if there was a unique and profitable customer acquisition program that delivered qualified, live phone leads directly to your sales team AND in a consistent volume to reliably meet and exceed your sales goals.   SalesPortal’s partnership marketing network is that solution, delivering lead-to-sale conversion rates of over 15%. Read the rest of this entry »

Veteran Executive to Round out SalesPortal’s Leadership Team

Posted by admin August 21st, 2012

SalesPortal has appointed Carol Snell as its executive director. Snell has deep executive experience in high-growth, venture-funded companies delivering leading-edge customer service solutions.

Carol Snell has been an advisor to SalesPortal for nearly two years and has now expanded her role to include broader management responsibilities that support the company’s growth into large enterprise markets.

“Carol’s tremendous understanding of emerging companies and her deep experience in the contact center industry will be an invaluable asset to SalesPortal in her expanded role as we continue to grow,” said Saurabh Khetrapal, co-founder and CEO of SalesPortal.  “Her knowledge complements the depth of the leadership team she has helped assemble. She will continue to help us shape the direction of the company as we service larger enterprise accounts.” Read the rest of this entry »

SalesPortal Kicks Off New Partnership Marketing Network in India

Posted by admin August 7th, 2012

SalesPortal is expanding beyond North America and is developing a new partnership marketing network in India. Company co-founder Kevin Sandhu has relocated to India and will be managing director at the headquarters in New Delhi.

According to recent Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) reports, there are nearly a billion mobile phone users in India.

“Voice is the primary communication channel for consumers in India,” said Sandhu. “Indian companies have historically looked at their contact centers as cost centers. SalesPortal represents a huge opportunity for contact centers to generate revenue and help offset costs. Separately, it is now more difficult for marketers in India to use outbound calling and text messaging to reach customers. The SalesPortal model represents a scalable, new channel for marketing professionals to generate high-quality inbound pay-per-call leads.” Read the rest of this entry »