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Relevancy Is a Cornerstone of Partnership Marketing

Posted by admin October 25th, 2012

A company that sells farming equipment shouldn’t be advertising in Times Square. One of the principle rules of marketing is that you cannot be all things to all people. While you may want your product or service to appeal to as wide a potential audience as possible, at some point you’ve overreached and are trying to connect with consumers that have little to no interest in your brand. While a billboard in Times Square may be seen by millions of people, what percentage of them are actually the right people? The farm equipment company would be much better off investing their advertising dollars in a print ad in a farming tradeshow publication which is bound to reach the right kind of customers, even if it is a smaller audience. When it comes to marketing and making sure your message is being seen/heard by the right people, relevancy is key!

Why is relevancy so important for partnership marketing? Read the rest of this entry »

SalesPortal Appoints Product Management Leader to Drive Product Development, Direction

Posted by admin October 23rd, 2012

SalesPortal today announced it has promoted Sujay Rao to vice president of product management. Rao is responsible for managing the entire product lifecycle from product strategy to execution and launch.

“Sujay has been vital to our product development team, and he will be an important part of our strategic executive team going forward,” said Saurabh Khetrapal, co-founder and CEO of SalesPortal. “His experience has been and will continue to prove valuable to establishing SalesPortal as a leader in partnership marketing.” Read the rest of this entry »

Upcoming Webinar: Relevance of the Voice Channel in a Mobile Marketplace

Posted by admin October 5th, 2012

Mobile is receiving lots of attention in marketing circles due to high adoption rates and the potential for rich customer insights gained through an abundance of mobile and location data.

What does this mean for the voice channel and the customer experience? What are the implications for customer satisfaction and voice-based engagement? And, how does one differentiate in a mobile world?

During our first webinar, scheduled for Thursday October 18th at 10 AM PST, SalesPortal and Point B will explore the relevance of the customer voice channel in a mobile world — as a strategic differentiator as well as revenue center. We’ll discuss various opportunities to organize your channel strategy around the customer value chain. We also have a case study that highlights how the voice channel can be used to further the customer experience and generate revenue through strategic marketing partnerships. Read the rest of this entry »