Here are some of the blog posts for marketers and contact center executives that we’ve recently found interesting. Hopefully you’ll get something out of them too!

For Marketers

Shoppers Will Switch for Customer Service

Consumers know time is a commodity too, like ball bearings and Barbie dolls. So when they’re doing their holiday shopping or are online looking for a good deal on gifts, they don’t want to wait or find problems completing a purchase, and they expect fair treatment from retailers.

For Customer Experience, “Just OK” Is Not OK

Excellent customer experiences fuel growth, drive loyalty, are emotionally rewarding, and inspire people to become vocal champions of brands and the organizations behind them. In 2012, three out of every four organizations recognized this and told Forrester that their goal was to “differentiate on the basis of customer experience.” In real life, most brands scored in the “OK” or “very poor” categories, according to Forrester’s 2012 customer experience index. Only 3% were ranked as “excellent,” a sharp decline that started in 2007 and is now at an all-time low.

What’s your WIFM?

WIFM of course if the What’s In It For Me, and your customer communications need to make that clear.

Is Customer Service the New Marketing?

Today, good companies realize the power and the voice of the consumer. And they cater to them with this in mind. Good customer experiences mean stronger word of mouth and potential brand advocates that can help spread your message more efficiently than any marketer. That’s all true.

Surprising Customers With Exceptional Service

Customer expectations for great service every time they interact with a company are increasing, mainly due to increased competition that’s pushing organizations to outdo themselves in providing a fantastic customer experience.

For Contact Center Managers

Contact Center Management: Hire the Right People

Hir­ing the right peo­ple can make or break a suc­cess­ful con­tact cen­ter team. Find­ing the right mix of skill set and dis­po­si­tion enables faster onboard­ing, and reduces employee turnover. Undoubt­edly one of the most impor­tant tasks for any­one in a con­tact cen­ter man­age­ment role, recruit­ing the right peo­ple for the job can be a tire­some process.

Customer service: the cat and mouse game

In all likelihood, when customers contact your customer service team, they will be searching for a straight answer to what is not necessarily an easy question. Most of the time they will also know exactly what they are looking for: a result.

5 Steps to Improve your Contact Center Results

Even as the contact center continually evolves to handle new channels and greater complexity, improving the efficiency and productivity of your customer experience agents doesn’t have to be complicated.

Turning Agent ‘Best Practices’ into Standard Practice

Best practices are a rarity in the call center environment. And even more so in the work-at-home call center environment. There, I said it. Who’s to blame, the call center leader? What does the at home agent do when they don’t know the answer? There’s no person next to them to ask and training is over. Calling the supervisor is an option, but could eat away at valuable time of two resources that are now unavailable to talk to customers.

6 Customer Service Trends to Watch in 2013

As we look ahead to what will affect and change our customer service priorities in the year ahead, it’s interesting to note the strange tug-of-war going on between digital mastery and the human element. As consumers increasingly spend more of their lives online, businesses and organizations are competing to become a part of it.