Here are some of the blog posts for marketers and contact center executives that we’ve recently found interesting. Hopefully you’ll get something out of them too!

For Marketers

Five Surefire Ways to Fail at B2B Customer Acquisition

In an era of hyper-connectivity, our biggest failure as B2B marketers very well could be our ignorance of how connected the world has become.

Who is Responsible for “Challenger” Lead Generation?

Dixon and Toman write, “Put differently, the average rep fills orders by reacting to existing demand; stars sell where customers learn (not just where they buy), shaping demand and teaching customers into the sales funnel. The best sales reps, it turns out, are just as good at marketing as they are at selling.”

Making Assumptions About The Buyer’s Journey

If the cycle takes 9 months, that’s a lot of gray area for each stage. And all stages are not created equally in length of time or objectives that must be met for the continuation of forward motion. Plus, it occurs to me that the construct above is for us more than it is representative of our buyers.

Value Propositions Produce Instant Relevance

Relevance Marketing and Selling point to the fact that any sales or marketing message must be expressed so prospects see themselves solving their problems, reaching their goals and objectives, and enjoying the success that comes from doing so.

Do You Really Understand Your Lead Gen Sales Activity Funnel?

Do you really understand the how and the why behind what your outbound lead generation team should be doing on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis?

For Contact Center Managers

Employee Performance Gaps: How to Identify Gaps in Call Center Agent Performance

There are three steps to iden­ti­fy­ing per­for­mance gaps in call cen­ter agents:

  1. Cre­ate a bullet-proof mon­i­tor­ing form
  2. Develop a com­pan­ion Call Qual­ity Guide
  3. Hold fre­quent cal­i­bra­tion sessions.

Building a successful business requires customer loyalty

Loyalty comes with a number of perks, therefore pleasing everyone we can with a “wow” experience attracts more and more business.

If you want better customers, provide better service.

Does a customer owe a tip for “good” service at a full-service restaurant in the United States? Yes. Should a supermarket customer always have to return her shopping cart to a designated cart corral? No. Perhaps she has a crying baby in the backseat or it’s starting to rain. Her only obligation is to pay for her groceries.

A Contact Center Must Follow Basic Customer Support Principles

The following principles sound like they would apply to telemarketing. But in reality, you will need to apply them to all channels if you want your agents to provide quality service and maintain (if not improve) retention.