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How Does the Voice Channel Impact Customer Engagement?

Posted by admin January 2nd, 2013

Marketing individuals have a lot of ways to interact and “read” their customers online thanks to the power of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Customers are posting their unfiltered opinions about movies, books, local restaurants and brands online after almost every interaction—a brand that can dig through the noise and clutter of social media to find real, valuable insights into the mindset of their customers can really differentiate themselves via the customer experience. When you know what your audience really needs and wants you can position your brand as the solution much easier.  Social networking sites are also becoming popular customer service forums, as well as powerful lead generating solutions for many brands. But online social networking sites aren’t the only places a brand can really connect with their target audience. The voice channel, including your contact center, is arguably your best channel for connecting with your customers to gain customer experience insights and enhance their customer experience. Read the rest of this entry »

Customer Service and Engagement Needs to be Multichannel

Posted by admin December 19th, 2012

Whether companies are willing to admit it or not, their customers are not willing to engage and interact with their brand in one channel and one channel only. Nor do customers’ expectations of your brand promise stay tied to a single channel. The customer has needs and wants that transcend a solitary customer engagement channel and, depending on those needs and wants, they may attempt to interact with your brand through the voice channel, online forums, FAQs and live-chats, social networking websites, mobile technologies and more. Everyday customers are attempting to engage your brand through these various channels, sometimes using multiple channels within a single transaction. Read the rest of this entry »

Great Customer Experience Creates More Revenue Opportunities

Posted by admin May 15th, 2012

It’s no secret that happy customers are much more likely to become repeat customers. It’s also conventional knowledge that it costs less to keep a current customer than it does to acquire a new customer. When a customer calls in to your contact center, the entire customer experience boils down the level of efficiency and speed that you exhibit in solving their issue. And these callers are incredibly valuable to your company because they can have significant impact on your bottom line: happy customers are perfect candidates for a new revenue enhancement program called cross pitchingTM. Read the rest of this entry »

Why is Great Customer Service so Important for Customer Acquisition and Retention?

Posted by admin April 3rd, 2012

The relationship between a company and its customers has always been important, but it seems like delivering top-notch customer experience is getting more critical in today’s market. Interactions between brands and their consumers are becoming increasingly more customer-driven thanks to the power of social media, and companies are no longer the only ones influencing their brand perception. What your customers say about you and your products is just as important (arguably even more important) than what you say about yourself. Technology has enabled today’s customers to have tremendous clout. Through the power and virality of Facebook, Twitter and online review sites, customers can influence a company’s brand value in a positive or a negative direction. And what your customers have to say about your brand is directly related to the experience they have when interacting with your company. Much of that interaction will stem from your company’s contact center. Read the rest of this entry »