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One to Many—The Value of Multiple Enterprise Partnerships

Posted by admin September 9th, 2013

While enterprise partnerships are traditionally created on a one-to-one basis, there is tremendous opportunity to be had with one-to-many relationships. More partners mean enterprises can have multiple customer acquisition campaigns running at once, an easier way to test and personalize offers, and leverage multiple channels (voice, email, text, etc) to determine the best ROI. Typically, traditional 1-1 partnership marketing programs take months to implement and require significant resources to manage so the thought of implementing multiple partner programs and campaigns is often overwhelming for enterprise managers. One relationship is complicated enough; how complicated would a network of partners become?! Read the rest of this entry »

Cross-Brand Partnership Marketing in the Cloud

Posted by admin July 17th, 2013

The concept of cross-brand marketing partnerships is not a new one. Many industries, travel for instance, have capitalized on offline partnership marketing programs for decades. In more recent years cross-brand partnerships have moved online, and are so commonplace it’s unusual to NOT come across them. For example, after a customer reserves an airline flight online, they’ll often see an option to reserve a car or a hotel on their reservation confirmation screen. As with any cross-brand marketing partnership, relevancy is key. The partner offers are directly relevant to the original purchase and this cross-branding process typically works seamlessly. Read the rest of this entry »

Making the Most of Your Marketing Channels, Including Online and Voice

Posted by admin May 6th, 2013

It’s imperative that brands reach out to customers on their channel of choice. Be it online, voice, chat, or any other platform, your customer expects you to be there when they need you. But when you are where your customer expects you to be your brand is given the unique opportunity to leverage the customer’s immediate interests and needs. Your most powerful marketing asset is to know something about your customer.  And the contact center and your voice channel know a lot. In fact, with the right tools your online marketing and offline marketing efforts can easily tie into each other to create more touch points, preserve the customer experience, and generate new leads for your enterprise.

Leverage the same offers through your online and voice channels.

Would a customer that reaches out to your company online versus a customer that calls into your customer service or sales call center be looking for completely different offers of information? Probably not. Although their preferred method of communication might differ, their end goals are going to be very similar. Your online channels and your voice channels can be used to present your consumers with the same or more relevant, complementary products and services. Read the rest of this entry »

Partnership Relevancies – New Factors in the Customer Engagement Voice Channel

Posted by admin January 9th, 2013

Even in the face of the rising usage of online self-service, the voice channel is still the preferred channel of choice for many customers. In fact; a survey from Forrester found that well over half of customers prefer to interact with a customer service representative via the phone. Contact centers field an average of 45.4 billion calls per year-that’s a lot of one-on-one interactions! For most contact centers the average cost of an inbound call is just under $6. That means call centers are spending around $270 BILLION dollars a year just to keep the phone lines going.

Many enterprises are looking for a way to offset these operating costs and turn the call center into a profit center and they are turning to partnership marketing networks to help them do just that. Read the rest of this entry »

Marketing Partners Means Profits for Contact Centers

Posted by admin December 26th, 2012

Contact center capacity is going up as voice becomes “sexy” again driven by mobile adoption. This is both good and bad news for enterprises. It’s good news because the contact center is becoming an increasingly important channel for managing the customer experience. Being able to have a one-on-one interaction over the voice channel can have a much greater and lasting impact on a customer and the customer experience than most other channels, both online and offline. It’s a channel that the competition can’t duplicate or infringe upon meaning your customer experience remains uniquely your own. The bad news is that as contact center capacity is going up so too are sales and service costs. Higher call volumes means enterprises need more resources to keep things working smoothly—more agents, better technology, and more overhead. The challenge moving forward then is how can a contact center offset their operating costs without sacrificing the customer experience? One solution? Marketing partnerships. Read the rest of this entry »

Relevancy Is a Cornerstone of Partnership Marketing

Posted by admin October 25th, 2012

A company that sells farming equipment shouldn’t be advertising in Times Square. One of the principle rules of marketing is that you cannot be all things to all people. While you may want your product or service to appeal to as wide a potential audience as possible, at some point you’ve overreached and are trying to connect with consumers that have little to no interest in your brand. While a billboard in Times Square may be seen by millions of people, what percentage of them are actually the right people? The farm equipment company would be much better off investing their advertising dollars in a print ad in a farming tradeshow publication which is bound to reach the right kind of customers, even if it is a smaller audience. When it comes to marketing and making sure your message is being seen/heard by the right people, relevancy is key!

Why is relevancy so important for partnership marketing? Read the rest of this entry »

SalesPortal Partnership Marketing Network– Like Google AdSense for Phone Leads

Posted by admin August 28th, 2012

SalesPortal looked at online affiliate networks and ad networks like Google AdSense and saw an opportunity to leverage the same lead generation model but for customer phone calls.    We thought to ourselves, why can’t we do the same for phone traffic?    Where web publishers monetize their organic web traffic by publishing relevant ads from advertisers, sales and service contact centers can monetize their call traffic by presenting relevant product offers to callers and transferring opt-in, interested callers to affiliate partners.    Where the website owner gets paid for a click through, the contact center gets paid for a customer transfer.  And where the advertiser has a steady stream of targeted traffic coming over to their website, the contact center partner receives a steady stream of calls and pays for the call transfer as a lead. Read the rest of this entry »

Partnership Marketing in Contact Centers

Posted by admin June 7th, 2012

Partnership marketing is a powerful tool for companies. The collaboration between two or more companies with similar marketing needs, a common audience, or complementary products is called a partnership. This can be used by both sides to increase customer awareness, sales, or simply create extra revenue.

Partnership Marketing Today

In the context of contact centers, partnership marketing is a way for a company to improve its customer experience, share leads, and grow its business with the help of its partner company and its contact center. Currently, creating a contact center marketing partnership involves two companies who are mutually exclusive to each other (a one-to-one partnership) exchanging leads for a set price. Leads flow one way, from the lead selling company to the lead buying company. This can provide a couple of key benefits for both sides of the partnership. Read the rest of this entry »

Building More Profitable Marketing Partnerships

Posted by admin May 4th, 2012

A key to marketing success is to have strong online and offline advertising campaigns. But there is another powerful form of marketing that is under-utilized by enterprises: Partnership Marketing (also known as Affinity Marketing). For example, when someone calls an airline to book a flight, at the end of the reservation, the agent might offer that customer a car rental at the destination. This complementary service allows the airline to enhance the customer experience by emulating a full service travel agency or “concierge” for their callers, while generating additional revenue for the customer referral. The car rental agency is being handed well-qualified leads that are ready to buy their product. That is partnership marketing at its finest—companies in the travel industry often share customers and leads for their mutual benefit, which is in turn also to the customer’s advantage! Read the rest of this entry »