Quick question—which employee in your company is responsible for brand management? Many businesses would say their brand managers, the PR and marketing team or maybe even the CEO should be held accountable for public brand perception. The truth is that every single employee in your company, especially the front-facing teams like sales and customer support, are all responsible for brand management. This specifically includes your contact center staff, a branding resource many businesses fail to leverage effectively.

Your contact center employees are responsible for creating a positive customer experience for each and every caller, which directly impacts brand perception. In fact, a recent Purdue University study found that 92% of customers judge an organization based upon the interactions they have with a company’s call center. In many cases, a contact center agent is the only human interaction a customer will have with your company after making a purchase. That single agent becomes the face and voice of your entire brand; in those few minutes they will either support the values your company claims to adhere to or will fail to meet that customer’s expectations. How they handle the caller’s service or sales issue will influence that customer’s perception of your brand and may determine whether or not they continue to do business with your company in the future. (89% of customers say that a negative experience with your brand will send them to a competitor for their next purchase).

Your company’s contact center is just as important to your brand as your retail stores, website or advertising campaigns. It could even be argued that a call center is MORE important than other customer interface channels, because it’s where your brand is going to be put to the test every day. For many businesses, the contact center is the foremost connection gateway for their customers, whether it is by calls, email, social media channels, or live chat. Unlike many other communication outlets (social profiles, customer forums, blogs, etc) the call center is one of the few places where the brand’s image remains solidly in the hands of the company, not the customers. You have the power to create a great customer experience by delivering on your brand’s promise. Prove yourself to them and help solidify public brand perception!

Businesses would be wise to remember that at the end of the day, most customers are not going to remember the name of the customer service employee they spoke with. They will just remember that they contacted your company with an issue/question and how quickly and efficiently their inquiry was handled. How that one contact center employee handles the call will directly impact your customers’ perception of your brand.