It’s fairly common business knowledge that it costs a lot of money to find, target and entice new customers. When you think of how many marketing pitches your audience is bombarded with day in and day out, it makes sense that the average consumer has learned to tune out many of those of messages, making it that much harder to capture their attention. So what is a brand to do?

Many companies invest in various lead qualification programs, where a 3rd party is responsible for finding and cultivating targeted leads, and then passing off interested customers to the advertiser’s sales representatives. However, these traditional lead aggregation and lead generation channels can become expensive quickly, with mixed ROI results. With these programs, there is often a fixed (and usually high) price on each lead generated; and because the lead originator (i.e. the publisher or the aggregator) is the one responsible for the advertising costs, the price is determined by the lead originator. In order for their business to be successful, the lead originator marks up their own lead procurement costs and sells each lead to the advertiser at a non-negotiable price point. Arguably, these leads should be well worth the price, since the originator has taken the time to qualify each customer before handing them off to the advertiser; but the ROI on these leads is often found to be lackluster due to either the high price of the leads or the poor quality or oftentimes both.

That’s where SalesPortal’s proprietary customer acquisition program steps in and breaks the mold.

Customer Acquisition ProgramUnlike traditional lead generation channels, where the lead originator sets the “sell” price of each lead, the SalesPortal program allows for advertiser’s to set their own “buy” price. Our unique pay per call ad network gives advertisers the ability to bid for live phone lead transfers from branded enterprises with contact centers. These contact centers have existing, “organic” phone traffic for their own products and are willing to present a complementary product offer at the end of their customer calls. We call this process “cross-pitching”, and it solves the pain points of traditional cross-selling and up-selling in contact centers. After the agent presents the cross-pitch offer, interested and qualified customers are live transferred to the most relevant and highest bidding advertiser’s sales center. Advertisers determine their own campaign parameters, including the pay per call lead price, lead qualification criteria, and daily budget. All campaign details can be customized for each of the enterprise contact centers that advertisers are interested in receiving customer referrals/lead transfers from.

One of the best things about SalesPortal’s customer acquisition program is that advertisers are responsible for paying only for a live phone lead if that customer remains connected for a minimum threshold of pre-determined time. Unlike online pay per click advertising, where advertisers are charged for every click regardless of how long that visitor stays on their site, our customer acquisition program helps protect advertisers and their budgets by making sure only qualified and interested leads are being billed and paid for. This ensures a robust ROI and takes the risk out of SalesPortal’s customer acquisition campaigns.

Interested in learning more about SalesPortal? Contact us today to see a short presentation and to take a peek under the hood of our patented technology that has been designed with your advertising needs (and ROI) in mind.