When a customer phones in to your contact center, the entire customer experience boils down one yes or no question—did you solve their issue? If the reason for the customer call isn’t resolved quickly and completely, then everything else your representative does to improve the customer experience is pointless. However, if your representative does resolve your customer’s issue or concern, then the positive customer experience can be amplified by a variety of factors including: how quickly the issue was resolved, if the caller was transferred to multiple agents, if the caller had to repeat their information, and so forth. A great call center customer interaction entails addressing and resolving the customer’s issue quickly and completely – because a happy customer is incredibly valuable to your company.

Happy customers are more likely to become repeat customers and their customer experience in your contact center greatly impacts the likelihood of them becoming your brand ambassadors. But that isn’t the only reason a happy customer is valuable; they can positively impact your bottom line: happy customers are the perfect targets for cross pitchingTM.

Cross pitchingTM is a patented and proprietary methodology pioneered by SalesPortal, a Silicon Valley-based technology company. The process involves your call center agent reading a scripted offer for a highly relevant product to your customers at the end of  sales and service calls. These product offers are from vetted and pre-approved branded advertisers. Customers interested in hearing more about a product offer are transferred to the advertiser’s call center and your company is paid for the customer referral – i.e. the live transfer lead! It’s a simple way to monetize your contact center and increase your company’s revenue, while engaging your customers with product offers that they want and appreciate.

But how does customer experience factor into your contact center’s revenue enhancement program?

A recent study found that 80+% of customers who were happy with the customer service representative’s performance would be willing to listen to an additional offer, whereas only 53% of unsatisfied customers were open to this. This means that happy customers are more likely to be open to buying more products and services. So in order to maximize the incremental revenue potential via cross pitching, it is paramount that contact centers focus on delivering top-notch customer service during the “primary” portion of the customer engagement.

A positive customer experience not only impacts your customers’ opinion of your brand, it also greatly enhances the incremental revenue opportunities available to your contact center via cross pitching. The happier your customers are with the customer experience you deliver, the more likely they are to become valuable referrals and live call transfers to your cross pitching partners, and the more money your contact center lead transfer campaign will generate!