SalesPortal today announced a new capability that provides enterprises with the flexibility to rank their marketing partners to provide priority access to their customer audiences.

The new capability allows users to rank partners by setting the specific number of times an offer is read by call center agents for a priority partner campaign before moving to the next priority partner.

With the partner ranking capability, users have the option to override pre-set algorithms by configuring campaigns to prioritize and rank specific partners over others. Users might choose to override the algorithms for several reasons: to favor established partnerships, support existing exclusivity agreements, align with specific brands or align with current co-marketing / advertising investments with specific partners.

“The partner ranking capability is another example of our responsiveness to the marketplace,” said Sujay Rao, SalesPortal’s vice president of product management. “This ability to favor established partners in the call transfer and routing decisions is important to our large enterprise customers. It allows for better control and configurability to prioritize higher value partners within the context of our automated algorithm-driven model.”

Prior to the introduction of the partner ranking capability, SalesPortal automatically determined which partner would receive call transfers based on a number of algorithm-driven factors such as product relevancy, hours of operation and the cost-per-lead bid by a partner, among others.

This latest SalesPortal capability is available within 30 days to current and new customers using the cloud-based, patented technology.