The Partnership Marketing Cloud

SalesPortal delivers the first partnership marketing platform that turns billions of customer phone interactions with enterprises into revenue opportunities. The patented technology enables relevant brands to partner for the purpose of engaging customers with timely product offers. These offers are delivered through the customers’ channel of choice – phone, email, or text.

The partnership marketing platform enables companies to systematically drive performance outcomes from new and existing marketing partnerships. It provides a set of tools to manage contact center based campaigns that generate incremental revenue for customer operations and drive high value customer acquisition for marketing professionals.

SalesPortal’s partnership marketing platform empowers marketing professionals to present their branded message to the right customers at the right time, and through the customer’s channel of choice. Offer personalization automatically determines the most relevant partner offers based on customer demographics, behavior, and more.

Right product offers, right customers, right engagement channel


Generate incremental revenue in the course of servicing customers through targeted enterprise-to-enterprise partnership campaigns. The partnership marketing platform automatically selects personalized offers that are highly relevant to your customer’s immediate needs. The solution monetizes customer phone interactions via end-of-call offers from brand partners that provide complementary products and services. Consumers choose how to engage — phone, email, text.


For marketers, SalesPortal means access to millions of highly-qualified consumers. It provides the ability to deliver personalized offers to an ideal customer segment via thousands of live agents in partner customer operations centers. Highly targeted, performance-based customer acquisition campaigns through brand-to-brand partnerships. Higher opt-in rates and sales conversion rates by virtue of product relevancy and live engagement.