SalesPortal’s platform enables enterprises to establish new and manage existing marketing partnerships based on brand parity, relevancy of products, and alignment of customer demographics, behavior, lifestyles and life stage. The cross-channel platform provides a set of tools to operationalize brand-to-brand partnerships and to manage partnerships to predictable results.


The SalesPortal platform provides all the applications and cloud-based infrastructure to roll out partnerships and campaigns. Tools are included to build campaigns, track performance, and report on results. These capabilities are automated and implemented within existing customer operations desktop practices and systems. Once configured, the platform automatically segments customers and personalizes offers. Offer memory tracks which offers have been presented to customers and the responses to prior offer attempts. This historical data is used to avoid repeating offers to customers.


Higher relevancy offers mean higher value engagements, higher sales conversion rates, and ultimately lower cost of acquisition. Create targeted campaigns around precise customer segments. Implement multivariate testing on offers, customer segments, and brand partnerships. Look-alike modeling from similar customer segments is also used to determine most relevant offers for a customer. Increase customer opt-in rates on your offers and maximize lead to sale conversion metrics. Drive consistent, reliable returns on your marketing spend.


The SalesPortal partnership marketing platform integrates several sophisticated applications for creating and managing performance-based marketing programs. It enables enterprises to effectively engage customers with partner offers at the conclusion of a call into the customer operations center. The platform includes campaign management dashboards, automated offer decisioning engine, presentation of offers and scripts to the agent desktop, tracking and attribution of customer actions, process and payment management tools, and performance optimization through campaign analytics.

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The SalesPortal partnership marketing platform includes a set of cloud-based capabilities that can be accessed by anyone using a web browser. Partnering companies collaborate on a common platform, operationalize the process and methodology and share a set of tools to configure, implement, and report on campaigns.

Sell side dashboard 1 5 30 new logo
Partner / Campaign Management Dashboard
  • Create new campaigns
  • Manage campaigns by partner
  • Campaign snapshot for cost-per-lead, budget, offer opt-in rates, and more
  • Pause and resume campaigns
  • Control for the sequence of offer presentation
Sell side offer personalization 1 5 30
Offer Personalization
  • Data-driven, real-time offer decisioning
  • Personalized offers based on customer demographics, behavior, lifestyles and life stage, as well as call disposition. Offer memory is also factored in.
  • Customer data can be from any source – CRM, Marketing databases, etc.
Close up Sell side script window 1
Offer Presentation
  • Scripted offers presented to agents within standard desktops
  • Multiple offer display capabilities
  • Qualification questions and data input to collect key customer data points not available via CRM
Buy side performance optimization report 1
Performance Optimization
  • Campaign performance insights
  • Agent performance insights
  • Offer opt-in rates by timeframe
  • A/B script & offer testing results
  • Export data to other reporting tools

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While traditional 1-1 partnership marketing programs take months to implement and require significant resources to manage, SalesPortal’s cloud-based platform can be turned on in days. Automatically manage contract requirements, enable all your partnership marketing relationships with no up-front investment. The platform includes all the features, performance tools and infrastructure required to build 1-to-many partnership campaigns, present relevant offers to consumers via their channel of choice, tune performance, and report on campaign results.



The SalesPortal partnership marketing platform follows common customer operations practices and standards for agent desktops, cross-channel infrastructure, and CRM integration. Minimal agent training is required. And because it is cloud-based, there is little impact on IT resources.

The platform provides all the tools to set up and configure cross-channel campaigns, including tools to access CRM data for the purpose of personalizing offers.


Using SalesPortal campaign configuration tools, marketing partners select profile attributes for their target audience (e.g. credit score, home ownership, age, gender, etc.). These attributes are used to identify which customers should be presented with your offer, the best script/creative to present, and the offer delivery channel to use (i.e. via phone, email, SMS, etc.).

Marketers can also set up A/B or multivariate testing of the scripts that will be presented to consumers. Campaign performance analytics can be exported to other common marketing software applications.